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Business control

Objective control systems (OCS)

Using computer vision, the internet of things (IoT) and machine learning, we create smart systems to optimize your business

We create smart control systems

Accelerate production and life cycles
Reduce the consumption of time, money and labor
Eliminate human factor and prevent errors
Expense tracking
Online control over the resources consumption
Plan control
Work progress and work plan fulfillment tracking
Quality control
Improvement of the quality of work and service
Corruption control
Fraud monitoring: theft and corruption eradication
Theft -80%
Cost reduction
Cost reduction through efficiency improvements
Profit +300%
Areas of use

We can implement
the OCS into any business

Increased Control Systems are most often required on large factories, stores or construction sites. Artificial Intelligence detects and displays accurate work results of an employee and provides a report. The system monitors each employee and their productivity, dress code and compliance with safety regulations. OCS are also necessary for detecting corruption in the enterprise

Plan Execution

Plan fulfillment tracking and monitoring of work progress in real time

Material Consumption

Shows the actual consumption of materials and allows you to accurately calculate and plan costs and logistics


Track all tasks and subtasks and monitor responsible parties for their due dates


Shows the most and least productive work areas and allows you to optimize workflow


Keeps track of each employee's compliance with dress code and safety procedures

Convenience in CRM

Communication monitoring (calls, meetings), document control, task control

Implementation and result

Get the expected
results in a month

We have 3 work stages: preparation, installation, result. We identify controlled processes, determine technical solutions, information processing vectors and expected business effects. This is the most important and time-consuming phase, and it usually takes 2-4 weeks. Deployment of the system at your site will take about 7 days. You can expect to get the first results within 2 weeks after installation!
+ 3 %
Net profit increase
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