Junk Reality
Creative studio

Impactful VR & AR content for your business

We offer a wide range of multimedia solutions, from photo and video shoots to phygital (physical + digital) and AR/VR/MR (virtual, augmented & mixed reality) projects.
About the company

We design and develop VR, AR & MR solutions

Our team creates custom 3D models, does 360° product photography, designs spaces for VR and AR, develops applications and interactive screens. We can make a 3D tour of your facility or implement a monitoring system for business optimization based on Big Data.
1 years of growth
13 professionals
13 projects around the world
We have mastered every visualization technology, from photography to interactive 3D laser projections
We know how to present a product in the most favorable way
Not only do we care about quality, we are also not afraid to get creative and add a little zest to our projects
Our clients

We work with brands all over the world

We implement modern technology in brands around the world! Product visualization on the web is one of the most important aspects for increasing sales and customer loyalty.
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Our services

We guarantee
quality and usability

We provide a wide range of services, and thanks to our employees’ professionalism and expertise, we consistently achieve high production quality and innovative approach in every project.

Laser 3D tour

More than just a 3D tour! We implement a new generation content promotion

Google Tour

Visual promotion of your business through interactive tours on Google maps

VR / AR / MR

Model the existing and visualize the non-existent in 3D

360° product photo

360° photo & video.
Now the user can control the content they see

360° video

Video content produced with 360° vision technologies. Full immersion!

Smart Control

Smart monitoring systems based on Big Data, computer vision and machine learning

3D architecture

3D modeling, animation, interior & exterior rendering of any kind

3D masks

AR masks and games for social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

Multi-touch screens

Interactive 3D solutions for tablets, touchscreen monitors and touch walls

Projections & holograms

Exciting 3D projections for exhibitions, concerts and product presentations

App Development

We create and promote apps in AppStore, PlayMarket, Play Station, etc.

Aerial photography

Bird's-eye view photography with descriptions, 3D objects or film the object in 360°

Public life

We take part in high-profile events

We are open for communication and try to take part in all the high-profile forums in marketing and IT. We implement cutting-edge technologies in our clients’ businesses and show our audience how to get the most out of it.
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