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3d projections and holograms

Laser 3d projections and holograms

We create 3D projections of any complexity, including interactive laser projections, where the user can control the content they see. Our projections remain visible in weather conditions and under any kind of lighting.
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About holograms
and 3D projections

Augmented reality presentations allow customers to immerse themselves in the moment and get a deeper impression of the product. Holograms are most commonly used at trade shows and product presentations, being a perfect way to engage viewers and create an atmosphere of excitement and wonder. Our team is capable of creating most complex 3D holograms for any purpose, adding animation if necessary.
How many times have you seen a laser show? The emotions from watching a building’s surface transform into a giant canvas for laser art, or seeing a monument change its colors, are unforgettable. We want our customers to experience the same level of joy and excitement. Contact us, and together we’ll design a laser projection you could only dream of!
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