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AR masks are one of the hottest trends today. Now everyone can try on unique content from brands, bloggers and Influencers!
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About masks and effects for social media

AR effects and social media games allow anyone to create unique, interactive content that can help a business to find new users, increase audience engagement and build recognition.
More than 400 million people use Instagram Stories every day. The newest social AR tool has already become one of the hottest trends. Influencers, brands and ordinary users who want to increase their social media reach can now create their own masks for subscribers.
Prices and timing

Cool masks
in no time

Our top notch social media masks and games are beautifully designed, complex and rich in detail. We create masks and filters to attract the attention of the most active audience and familiarize them with things they wouldn’t believe they’d become interested in

5+ days

A simple animated 3D model of a pancake, that changes the way it’s decorated when you touch the screen

10+ days

Diamond makeup, face deformation effects, facetune retouching, adding 2D lashes

14+ days

Game masks of any complexity: from Fruit Ninja to Stories game tests

Our projects

A few examples
of our work

We work with Russian and international brands, as well as major artists, musicians and dancers. Our favorite kind of AR effects are masks inspired by the works of famous artists of the past and present
Russia's largest
fast casual restaurants chain


AR effect:
Face Pancake Mask. When you tap on the screen, the type of pancake changes: ruddy pancake mask, black teriyaki pancake, pancake with berry rain
In 2 days (10.06.19-12.06.19) +549,570 people tried on the pancake-filter; + 15,229 shot Stories and thus promoted the Teremok instagram account. This project got featured in the federal media
Miss Russia, blogger and television host

Victoria Lopyreva @lopyrevavika

Miss Russia 2003, model, TV host, blogger, ambassador of the FIFA World Cup 2018. 3.4 million subscribers.
AR effect:
An exact replica of the crown given to Victoria at the Miss Russia pageant.
In 2 days (27.07.19-29.07.19) + 414,616 users interacted with the effect; +7,813 filter fitting. Our project got featured in Meduza, Woman.ru, 7days.ru and graziamagazine.ru publications

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